033 Long Time No See...

This may sound like something you would tell the optician, when an appointment is long overdue, but this is of course the literal meaning of the phrase since it's a long time since I last updated the blog. Well, this isn't a conventional blog as i refrain from mundane stuff and concentrate on the other issues of life.

So,it's clear I don't blog often, and every once in a while i blog to humour myself, or when i'm bored, so don't expect anything special.

TIME's person of the year is Y-O-U, yes you, an unlikely person don't you think. But, looking back, we see that all of us are creeping online, forming communities larger than any comparable on Earth, voicing out opinions, displaying our lives, and so on. We miss that kind of attention, usually dominated by the media, or governments or social barriers. So, when the opportunity comes, we all grab it, realising that suddenly we have the power of free speech, uncensored (maybe a little), and unbounded. Hence, the online community that defines the internet, breaking down barriers the media can't and filling the vacuums of human expression. While this may lead to the height of vanity and individualism, it's hard to find anything comparable to the internet, and all it has to offer.

But, is everyone missing the point here? Is human communication meant to be face-to-face, or merely posting your views online hoping that someone will notice? Or, is it meant to be a machine/technology sort of thing when speaking of advancements in interaction? One thing's for sure, the Internet is now all about us, not faceless corporates trying to make money.