049 Wow, it's May: A Finale and A Start

The exact time coordinates for today is Thursday, May 3, 2007 which translates to Day 4, Week 7, Term 2, for SAJC JC 2, 2007. This is the first of a series of new entries (if you remember, I'm a seasonal blogger), for the April - May period of 2007, that has nothing to do with PW, thank God, now that I have that entire issue sufficiently placed far behind me.

But, just one last thing, before I close this whole thing, I resent the term "elite, uncaring face" (which is by the way, a Singaporean issue, so I don't expect everyone to understand this), not because, as explained by a quote from "dear" Ms Wee "I didn't expect anyone to read this blog", but because it is so easy to misinterpret a disagreeable comment. I do not wish to say that Ms Wee was justified to use these words, but to say that a PW review is a gesture by such a person is a little too far over the limit. isn't it? Well, I would accept that sarcasm or sarcasm pretending to be humour, or humour pretending to be sarcasm, may be used when someone is frustrated over an issue, but using these words is a little too much because it implies a disrespect towards each other, in the context of the expression of opinions. Since we are all free to say what we want (with limits), it is not totally unethical to voice someting disagreeable, rather than sweeping everything under the carpet. In respecting each other's views of a certain issue, for instance this browhaha about PW, such labels should not be used if someone puts forward a point that is conflicting with the mainstream (or what seem to be the mainstream) arguments, no matter how much we disagree with it. It's akin to calling each other names in a formal debate (accepting that these rules can still apply in informal blogs), which is a preposterous act. I do not ask that the remark be withdrawn, nor do I wish to remove the comment, which is an act out of respect to the commenter. Instead, this rather long remark is just as a statement on the importance of maintaining a certain level of propriety in commenting on each other's ideas, and refraining from using such sensitive remarks, even in an informal atmosphere.

Beyond, this issue of commenting, and blogging which is in an issue in the abstract, non-existent, but very real world of Cyberspace, there has been a couple of other thing I must say in this entry. Well, the week is not the most unremarkable week, we're finally doing Quantum Physics in H2 class, which is a topic I so dearly love, but unfortunately for the syllabus it starts with the very mundane and unexciting topic of the photoelectric effect, which is merely applying of Einstein's silly work function formula. Other events: watched Spiderman 3 on Labour Day, it was the 6:25 show and everyone's late (as usual) so by the time we got to PS, we could only manage to grab a sandwich from Subway, eating as we walked over to Cathay, why am I not surprised? It was a nice movie, and the brief mention of the Hamiltonian equation in Peter's Physics lecture made me sit up for a moment, what is quantum physics doing in this movie? Also: Finished on the "Recipe for a Good Life" ME project for the class, which is my self-initiated project for the notice board which I'm in charge of, I had to type in all the hand-written recipes from the people of 06S01. print them out, find suitable pictures for them and cut them out. The others were quite happy with it and I'm quite proud of it. Sat through a couple of "exciting" Chem lectures on Inorganic Chemistry, somehow this section doesn't give me as much fun as Organic Chemistry, which was more interesting to learn. At least, Maths lectures are still covering the Distribution chapters, which are mostly intuitive stuff, and one or two random formulae here and there. However, the explanations bore me to death, just so redundant.

One last thing, there is this final poem of the Homecoming Series known as the Homecoming Finale, which is so aptly named as it is the last poem of the series, this poem is actually, written concurrently with the North Coast Poem Series, but this series takes precedence because the Homecoming Series started first. So, here it is, the Homecoming Finale, a poem on the Chinese New Year Steamboat in the hostel, which is the last affair associated with Chinese New Year this year...

The Homecoming Finale

Of tossed “low sang” and prawn shells,
Is the memory of the New Year party,
When all draws to a close,
The soup was still boiling, stewed,
A grain of rice left untouched on the plate,
Leftover chatters and spoken words,
Match the amount of food untouched,
Mandarin peels, seeds lay strewn,
As we leave the tables unclean,
An empty cup, a filled conversation,
A story was told of a day long ago,
We say thank you, goodbye, farewell,
Good luck and hope you do well,
The smell of the night’s cooked food sticks,
To the new shirts of the New Year patrons,
The red, orange and maroon streaks that light up,
And the overhead fan whirls at full speed,
So did the anecdotes that each had to tell,

Like the meatballs who left their comrades for the stew
The guests left their company one by one,
As the party slowly ran out of steam,
And the gas canisters ran out of fuel,
Only a few were left behind
Those who wanted that last bite,
That the others have left,
The black bags appears, the rags soaked,
Those who never saw the pot had to go,
And we left into the black of the night,
It was the New Year finale,
The end of the homecoming season.