206 Finally...

Yes, I'm blogging again, with the hope that I don't get stuck figuring out what Tailor Polly-no-mails or Four-Rear Anal-lysis are in the coming days...

What? Polly's got no mail?

Mathematical jokes aside, here's what's been going on lately. There's sets, (not of the Venn diagram type, but I call it Venn Diagram just to annoy people), where happy, like-minded people get together to build stuff for concert. And that should be consuming my weekday nights. But, I wholly enjoy it, so I don't mind working till dawn, if I had to do it. But, I don't have to, which is a good thing for my long term health. Short term health, however, is affected by Sets Anxiety, where I continue wondering why things keep preventing me from doing it. Also, to keep my mind occupied during "life-away-from-sets", I do this...

Excerpts from the Great Sets Book

Which keeps me really happy even when I'm not immersing myself with tutorials. Of course, my sets obsession stems from my Rag obsession... which consumed and nearly ate me alive during the infamous week 0 of the semester. Yes, it was really, and truly no holds barred work, for near 24 hours in a row stretches, which gave me a mild cold closer to the end, and mysteriously healed after Rag ended.

The USP float, so much work, so little time

The Static Display portion of the judging

Ah, the crown jewel of the float, The Eiffel Tower. I didn't do it, but we're extremely proud of it.

That's it for now, this post is marked with a "to be continued in 207"