029 Of Paradoxes and Life

What is found is sometimes already lost before you find it

This could possibly be one of the paradoxes and also the tragedy of life. A lot of people find reading such entries about statements like this so exhilarating and complex that the meaning of it is sometimes lost in translation. So, this time I’ll try to be simple and succinct as we look at what this quote actually means.
Life is indeed a long and winding road and we do search for many things in life, such as health, happiness, prosperity, and even simplicity. But, as we strive to look for this sort of things in the many crevices and cracks along the way, we sometimes miss it as it can sometimes be right below our noses. Strange, we are sometimes too engrossed with doing things our own way that we overlook less painful and complicated ways to get there. While we all love and devote ourselves to individuality, we must understand that there is indeed common sense and layman methods to achieve what we love, not necessarily Machiavellian, just straight-to-the-point. But, ist this all important? Not directly, but surely.
The problem is sometimes you just don't find it in the way you choose to achieve it, and in turn sacrificing other luxuries of life, an investment, you might say, but it just doesn't pay off in the end. The problem is humans are so diverse in nature that the way to avert this sort of tragedy is impossible to prescribe on a universal basis. So we lose everything. And, when we actually noticed that we have found what or part of what we wanted, in retrospect, we have already lost too much along the way to make up for the gain. Hence, the quote. Get it?
Now, the inspiration for such an entry actually comes from the most unlikely of places, i.e. a movie meant to be a comedy. "Click" is what I'm talking about and from the main character who wants to achieve something in life, impatience gets the better of him and he practically fast-forwards life. He loses the essence of life and loses everything along the way, eventhough he hoped the promotion would lead to happiness in his personal and family life, in the process, he loses everything and it becomes less worth it getting there. You see, he loses the object before even achieving it, and when he finally realises his dreams, he had lost most parts of it already. *Sigh* That's it for now. Life is just too cruel sometimes...