032 Working on Wikipedia

Hello, once again. Currently, the holidays have allowed me to work on many pet projects, and now I've shifted my attention to Wikipedia. I'm working on stubs in some of my areas of interest and/or expertise and the first of which is the Singapore Biennale stub, under my pen name, the ever familiar "cyazhar". So, if you are interested to see what I have written so far, just check out (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Biennale). The exhibition venue section is mostly a clean-up by myself, and the final section on the curatorial team in the intro. Just to let you know, my next project may be clean up the article on Seremban, which is rather messy as this point of time. Just a short entry for now, I've got my oral presentation to prepare for.

P.S. I did edit a little on the wikipedia entry on SAJC, too.