048 The SAJC PW results review 3

This is (un)fortunately the final entry for the SAJC PW results special entries series, where I nonchalantly rant on and on about PW in general, in fact on PW in the past, present and on the future, I now know many million blogs have been commenting on it and i think i am quite justified to think that this is the longest ever review on PW that ever exists on the net, and if anyone has a longer set of entries, I would really love to read it.

Anyway, back to the review, since I started by saying that the review is on the past, present and future, I think it would be nicely apt to classify the final review this way.

The last year of PW has been a long and tedious one, a story that I will bury along with this entry, until perhaps one day someone asks me about it. Beyond stories about my PI and WR and the others which I won't bore you with for now, let's see the important events in PW history that occured last year. First there was the start of it all, the previous year's PW results, yes, there were the repercussions from SAJC's first bout of poor results that, as we all know, led to the petition that began the PW-gate saga that continued until today, one of the longest controversies in Singapore education's history. Well, some thought that the lightning cannot strike the same place, but can it? The online petition that began the press's intervention into the PW field, well would be conveniently left not discussed for political reasons, I don't want to incite any more tension and give anyone any ideas, but one of the most important things that can be taken from here is that we should not take the past for granted, and learn from it, and try to prevent bad history from repeating itself unneccesarily, I still vaguely remember a particular line from a just-in-time lecture, after the cohort was reprimanded for not paying attention, and since the lecturer was quite irked, she said that if we continue acting like this, we would end up like our seniors, which did happen, oh, the irony of it all. The point which I'm trying to put across here that we could consider that part of the problem could be the example stated above, so draw your conclusions. And please, please no petitions this year, i don't the college to be embroiled in another incident like this.

At present, is of course the matter at hand, this year's PW results, we all know its bad, and it is as I have said time and again, disheartening especially as the BT2 and prelims draw closer, because now we know that we have a bad result in hand, there is no point going any further. But, let me reiterate what many have said, the PW is only a small part of the A-level grades and the other H2 and H1 subjects will constitute the crucial 90% of the results. I now it is as demoralising as it can get, but tell me, is this more demoralising, or a string of bad results more demoralising? So please look forward to the A-levels or to be more pragmatic, the upcoming BT, do show the tutors that you can lift yourselves above the past and not dwell so long in what has already been said and done with, this I think is a much greater achievement than perservering through the entire cycle. This may contradict what i might have mentioned earlier about the perseverence being the greatest thing, but putting this two acts together, would be, i think, almost a divine feat, and if you can proudly say that you have done it, than you would have gained my utmost respect. As i can vaguely remember, someone once said, life is mostly about how you react to things that have happened to you. How would you react to this? This determines the life that you would lead, it's your choice. To quote the DP's cliche "Keep the end in mind, and the end is your A-levels". So put all your heart and soul in it, and remember this bible verse Matthew 6:21 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". Where is your treasure? In the past, or in the future?

I'm no clairvoyant, but considering the circumstances I have put forward in the 2nd part of the review series, I have made the future sound very bleak. Don't fret, because there is never a dead end in the world of imagination, take on the challenge bit by bit. Don't jump into the issue in hand with an impulsive idea, plan it out slowly, make sure every loose end is tied up, consider all limitations and most of all enjoy the process, how ever hard that is to do, and whatever that comes in your way. At times when you feel like giving up, tell yourself it would all end very soon, but while it's around , face it with all your strength and sinew and don't lose yourself to just another subject, tell yourself, there is surely someone else who was oris in the same situation as you were, and if someone had made it out of this pit, you can too. Learn from the past mistakes for, as George Santayana said, "he who forgets the past, is condemned to repeat it". You don't want to repeat this past, so learn from the mistakes. To be really explicit, I'm telling you to put more effort into PW, don't take it like just some mosquito that buzzes around your ear requiring you to put some effort getting it away every once in a while, but as a college life commitment which is as important as your other commitments such as your CCAs. And in the June holidays, please get started, you are going to miss the luxury of time for PW after that point, so don't subject yourselves to unneccesary torture. Play the great game, and no matter what happens you would still be able to say that you tried your best

This should end this long series of articles on the SAJC PW results review, I hope you can all take something from this, and lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my PW, teachers (Mrs. New, Ms. Eileen Chong, Ms Sunarfa, Mr. Tan), my group members (Billy, the group leader, who got everything together, Pui Kheun, who had to put up with me and my temper, especially when I get upset, Ashiq, for the valuble insights in Singaporean lifestyle and politics, and Jasmine, who managed to break out of her shy shell and put on a good show during the OP, well done!) and my parents, who had continued to encourage me throughout the entire project, even when I was worried and depressed at times, and for getting my laptop fixed when it crashedd, and everyone else who contributed in some ways or another to help make this project a successful one. Thank you, and please forgive me for all that I've put you through, you know, my tipping point is quite unstable, and I tend to be a perfectionist, when I put my everything in a particular subject, and anything someone does will end up criticised when I'm in a foul mood. Oh, the hours I've spent writing PW essays, I guess this is my final PW essays, one that will be lost in the plethora of PW essays that had, and will be written. Signing of, (rather relunctantly) here...


Anonymous said...

wah ...this is the ST standard.. even the article published din have so much insider news...u rock man!!! ur article is so full of details...btw try to keep it short next time....i noe pw rawks but ranting is a bit too much...getting good results is one thing but getting bad ones are another. u noe what pw was my favourite subject....my group was so fun laa...everyday crapping about the wr oso can get A one...those who dun get A must be retarded especially when the teachers helped us so much. we must thank our teachers....we luv u...they supported us all the time..

get out of your eilte carng face