045 Reality, Dreams, Losing Touch

No, don't worry, it's not happening to me, at least not at this time of the day. Maybe only on those mornings that I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and get up feeling really drowzy but the problem is, I can literally get up one side of the bed, because if I get up on the other side, which is a wooden partition and that would really make my day. So here is the very, very late second part of the homecoming series, reality, dreams and losing touch...

Dreams, Reality and Losing Touch

It is dark, early morning,
Cold, chilled air from the dew,
Walking slowly, unaware,
Of all the affairs of the day,
A figure walks past, ignored,
Was that a greeting,
A hello or good morning?
Memories were dim, blurred,
Like the unlit garden of life,
Lies spread in front of me,
Fresh to the tired and exhausted,
Awakening to the groggy-eyed,
Still lost in a maze of dreams,
Walking straight ahead, confused,
Are the things that are to come,
Mystifying to the unaware?
Every morning, everything,
Breaks apart, comes together,
Losing touch, holding on,
To anything that is going on.

And now for a long footnote, things have been going well lately, or at least relatively well, did quite well for Block Test 1, not complaining but I'm getting too much suspense from receiving test papers which is a sign that I'm still not confident, which is not good. And they say I should be happy with 80 points, which is straight A's, something to be particularly proud of in fact. For the record record, I'm proud of it but not elated, euphoric or overjoyed. That aside, I still of to settle the balsa wood matters, which isn't going as smoothly as I want it to be and also the fact that I have a class profile to make, Malay General Knowledge Quiz, KI research to do, H3 chemistry timetabling and also a class notice board to decorate, which are all the fringe issues to homework. What is more, there is a possibility that the Block Test 2 could come as early as Week 10 of Term 2, which is this term. Now, I really wonder whether I'm losing touch or not.