209 Of Alliteration, Absences and Anwar

An observant reader may realise at least one of the following regarding my blogging:
  1. I'm consistently making up title posts following the format of "Of ... and...", where the nouns in between begin with the same letter, (called an alliteration for consonants and assonance for vowels). Yes, I'm bitten by a variant of the "Re-..." bug, and have started messing around with the posts titles for the fun of it. Sue me if you must.
  2. This post is written at a weird time. Of course, weird is relative. Waking up at different times to go to school was weird once. So was going to sleep past midnight for no apparent reason. And not forgetting, Anwar getting charged for sodomy. Now, they've achieved a normality approaching routineness... maybe with the exception of the Anwar part, but I'm afraid my USPee paper may disprove that.
  3. There was a one month break between post 205 and 206, well sorry for keeping you wondering, but apparently when there's a sudden change in lifestyle, getting used to it is a primary concern, and making remarks (aka blogging aka complaining) about it is secondary. Also, blogging about how little time you have to blog is a kind of funny (in an ironical way, not amusing)...... Wait a minute, am I subtly doing exactly that now? Oh, darn...
  4. I like making lists, like this one. Not that I like making lists, in fact I never do make practical lists because they're too mundane (like shopping lists, homework lists etc.). I like making lists of things that are not normally listed, like reasons to justify the different unconventional things I inadvertently find myself doing when blogging. For instance, telling you that I like lists.

A concerned person would wonder about at least one of the following:

  1. Why this fellow isn't sleeping yet
  2. Whether he has an 8.00 class tomorrow and...
  3. Why he's making another list, and...
  4. When this will end so he would note that he should be wondering about point 1.

I'm not sure either... how about I end now and leave to you wonder about points 1, 2 and 3?

Yup, that's a good idea...