001 First Things First

Hello, everyone out there who may have accidentally stumbled upon upon this blog while searching on google etc. and those who actually know I have a blog, (but i don't intend to tell a lot of people). Oh, but i don't plan to actually determine who reads my blog, whether it is a discerning ME teacher who "looks" at blogs concerning him every once in while to see whether his students thinks he has an accent or some curious fellow who just has some free time.

Enough intro for now, perhaps i will elaborate on the interesting comments i made about a teacher just now later. For now, let's talk about a very strange subject, namely me. I am not a malay, despite what the name my suggest, it is simply an anagram of my real name, which is an English name, and i know those scrabble experts out there would like to have a go at it. It's easy, trust me. Why ambiguity? It's just one of my favourite words, other than quadratic and indubitable, which sounds nice when it is spoken (creates a nice feeling on the tongue, too). It's also because its meaning is vague, (this sentence itself is ambiguous, i just love the irony). But, mainly it's because i still cannot understand myself fully on the inside and that is what the aforementioned teacher vowed to set out to do with the class today, which i sincerely doubt he can do, the only thing he would achieve is making us know him better, and i am not sure if anyone wants that much info.

Now, why the blog? Perhaps i got jealous when my other friends have blogs that their concerned ME teacher can peer into and read. Who gets this much publicity in school nowadays? Or maybe i was just bored and needed something or somewhere i can jot my thoughts down other than a fortnightly journal which will be read by my dearest ME teacher, anyway. That's all for the first section of the intro, more about me and my life later, when i actually settle down to the main reasons people write blogs, that is to report their life events and thoughts. adios.