002 Plans that never go right

As quoted from the Hitchiker's Guide To the Galaxy,

"I always knew that there was something fundamentally wrong with the universe"
-Arthur Dent-

Call it a hunch, or the just plain delusion, but i will always admit that nothing will go as it should be, in life. But, i am not one who will run around preaching that man proposes and god disposes. Speaking of which, let's look at the life of an ordinary human being, with the exception of certain people, like entusiastic ME teachers. We always set plans out, say in the next twenty years or so i want to make my first milllion dollars or something along the line of aspiring to be CEO of some company that can afford to broadcast repeated lame advertisements on TV until audiences moan and groan and still make enough money annually to feed the population of Somalia. But, somehow, somehow we end up nowhere or somewhere we don't actually plan to be, like in a company which makes a tidy profit that is enough to support an earthworm. Draw your conclusions. Simply put, planning is good, without planning, buildings will collapse and scenic bridges that bends halfway across the Tebrau Straits won't be conceived and later scrapped, but getting to your goals is harder than trying to stop someone who thinks his private parts are too small from commiting suicide. But I digress.

The point is that I find planning rather futile, and only a mind-bending activity that gives us semi-confidence in life so that we can actually work towards sometimes, which time and again, fails to materialise because loopholes and potholes form all over the place and normal people do not have that high a perseverance level to face the challenges of climbing up a down moving escalator to heaven. So, technically speaking, i don't plan in the long term because i know the path up ahead is more painful and dangerous than crossing the path of my ME teacher and calling him an idiot. So, i usually plan for the coming days or weeks, which most of the time do not involve life decisions. I'm short-sighted, literally, and i don't have high aspirations for myself and follow the principle of whatever comes, comes and if it were to happen, let it be. Alas, once again i failed to reveal my background, but never mind, there are many more to come. Bye.