005 The Unification Theorem

"Make ideas as simple as possible, but never simplify them"
-Albert Einstein-

Just so that you don't panic when reading the title and the initial quote, which is from none other than Einstein, this blog will not turn into a scientific journal which goes on and on about some new scientific theories or some random incident that is worth writing a paper on it, like a lab accident insurance report for that matter.
So, don't panic. I just have a habit of naming certain significant events in life with a scientific names because it saves time actually repeating the whole story to people who are familiar with it, sounds more formal in intelligible discussions, and reflects on how exciting my life is, which has adreaneline levels comparable to a cupcake in the freezer. So anyway, to the main story of this blog.
The Unification Theorem is not some social model on how people should, em..., unite in certain life-changing or (excuse me for this) life-creating activities which for some strange reasons is found more conducive in darkened rooms. Nor does it explain why humans move in clusters known as cliques, where members of these multi-organism organism are stuck together very tightly. This theory actually just reviews our positions in our own lives.
This is originally a very old blog entry from the first phase of blogging in may. However, the story series is an expression of this theorem, with states that we are in fact reducible to several personalities, and they appear to us as voices, something like in an animated show. We never actually see the people in the show but we hear their voices and see their effects on us. Same goes here, we are a result of several different personalities unified into one person, and we choose, naturally or delibrately which personality is the facade we show to the public and which is confined to the subconscious. But, there are all confined into one person. So, it is up to us to choose who we want to be. See the unification...?