044 It is generally bad humour when...

Ooo... how two weeks can pass so fast, time's fun when you're having flies, wait, what's wrong with this? Anyway, I was having fun, if you consider Block Test to be fun and of course, studying fun, (do I?). So, yes, I was busy travelling to and fro from Singapore-Seremban and other places and also preparing for exams, I didn't let my anxiety spill over to my blog during the exam week, in case I start becoming incoherent and yak about Organic Chemistry or something like that. And the weekend and the beginning of this week was spent relaxing and nothing else, not even blogging, which was apparent. Now that I've regained my composure, let's get back to business. As the title hinted, this entry is about bad humour, and I will attempt to make a list of things which are pieces of bad humour. Here goes....

It is generally bad humour when...
- Someone sticks CCA promotion posters in the washroom
- You get potato curry and chicken curry in the same hostel meal
- The only other thing other than curry are soggy vegetables
- People are beginning to literally "run" for Council, as in down the red clay track, you know that "run"
- The budget is praised by practically every MP because there is an increase in GST (tax-lah)
- The environmental issue that concerns the Indonesians are sand exports and not the haze
- Wikipedia's featured articles on Malaysia includes "Ketuanan Melayu"
- Dogs finally learn how to sniff out pirated DVDs
- 84 is considered not-so-good mark for Maths
- Singapore actually does quite well in real estate marketing
- anyone believes that tax increase is actually good for you
- your Physics paper gets held back through no apparent fault of your own until the end of the week
- Timetables are said to be made in ways more complex than rocket science and still clash
- A food strike to protest against potato and chicken curry actually sounds logical
- 70 sounds too good to be true for KI
- you actually have to treat people to food when you do well in the exams
- You find yourself smirking at people when they have one more core subject than you
- to have an H3 test a week after the Block Test
- you are told that elephants can't jump as a random fact

and lastly, it is generally bad humour when you poke fun at everyone that upsets you by calling it bad humour. Hugs from Singapore and please support the free hugs campaign...