083 The Christmas Eve Entry

Today is the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, it looks like I'll be having a rather lonely Christmas this year, my family does not traditionally celebrate Christmas, and I usually take it upon myself to get into the Christmas mood. Also, I'm not going down to KL this year to my uncle's for Christmas, for the first time in a few years. I do remember vividly the last Christmas I spent alone, and it was rather depressing...All that aside, I am keeping myself happy by creating a series of Christmas gifts to keep myself busy, and to keep the Christmas spirit alive in my heart...

This second gift, is titled "Whatever the Weather", self-written, actually... self-thought, I haven't written it down until now. It was inspired by the my many thoughts of how my mood this Christmas will be affected by the weather, and this is it...

Whatever the Weather

If it is sunny, rejoice and enjoy the gift of light for Christmas;
If it is wet, let the rain wash the bad tidings and sins of the previous year;
If it is windy, embrace the Yuletide that the breeze has swept to you;
If it is cloudy, remember that the cloud with the silver lining is above you;
If it is snowing, celebrate for your dreams of a White Christmas are fulfilled;
If it is dry, enjoy the sun, eat, drink and be merry;
Whatever the weather, Christmas is a time of happiness;
and raindrops, snowflakes, or thunder can never change that spirit.