084 The First Christmas Entry

This is the Christmas morning entry, the third of the Christmas entries, and if you were following the series, you would be expecting Gift Number Three. It would be utterly preposterous for me to disappoint you, especially during Christmas, and, mark my words; I am taking this very seriously. Perhaps the gifts are a way to release all that feelings I have penned up inside, all the interesting thoughts I have about life that I wish to share. I have a weakness, and that weakness is that I express myself better in written words than in speech. It is also because I trust words to have more meaning than any material gift, after all, we assign words their meanings, and what better way than to use their meanings to give a meaningful gift.

I shan’t bore you with any more of these ramblings, and I won’t have to tell you my plans for Christmas…because this is it…what I’m doing for Christmas. Now, for the gift, but first a little intro...

The idea of giving gifts is not to impress the recipient with your ability to spend a huge some of money for him/her, or your respect for the tradition, or even a responsibility to your relatives. No, it is not all that. It is about spreading happiness to both the people you know and also to strangers. This third gift, titled “What is Happiness?” is another self-written piece, and here it is:

What is Happiness?

Happiness is…
- a lifelong pursuit
- following your heart’s wishes
- an appreciation of life and death
- a gift that is to be shared with others
- an item that no credit card or cash can purchase
- changing another person’s life for the better
- also changing your life for the better
- forgiveness to others’ weaknesses
- also forgiving yourself
- freedom from sin

…and lastly, happiness is the best Christmas gift of them all.