091 Remnants

This montage is a showcase of all the other not-so-hilarious but more beautiful pictures taken from Cameron Highlands, putting together everything that defines the beauty of Cameron, from the flowers, to the vegetables and to the landscape itself. In addition, this was a Adobe Photoshop experiment, and my first ever Photoshop project, excuse the fact that the pictures are mosaic-ish, as I said, it's my first time. There are two other Photoshop project I have successfully completed, and there were meant to be Powerpoint backgrounds for my sister's school presentations, they are much nicer than this one, but combines far less pictures, thus decreasing the effort in fitting, and increasing effort to detail. This is one of the few things that have been keeping me busy in the past weeks, others include philosophising, going places, learning how to drive etc. By the way, if you are driving in Negeri Sembilan, going towards Selangor, use the Lukut-Sepang road, passing through the Tanah Merah townships, it is a truly scenic road, and has quite a view of the surounding hills. I already drove around the western quarter of the state, which is the northern part of Port Dickson district, and a large portion of the Seremban district. No pictures because you are not suppose to take pictures while driving.