092 Reprieve

... from the heat, that is. It's been a warm few days, it's not that it doesn't rain at all, but when it's not raining, it's miserably hot. I really must digress now, people say that when the first thing you talk about is the weather, you actually have nothing better to say, and I run the risk of boring you now.

So. moving on. My driving lesson got cancelled today and I won't be driving down the 20 kilometre Seremban - Lukut stretch, which may be a good thing, since it's so hot today. But, it also means I got nothing to do in the meantime. At least Roger Federer is playing at 4.30 pm.

Doing this is also a reprieve from boredom, which I guess you've figured out by now, and so it's your turn to say something completely obvious, and we'll make this entry as absurd as possible. Then again, absurdity is just another way of saying "Why bother continue reading?". Must snap out of this babbling.

If you still are reading this sentence, good, I haven't lost you, but I do harbour the suspicion that you're not really interested...

You are?

Sigh, everyone lies. But I insist, continue reading...

Do you know Dr. Gregory House? If you don't have Astro, I don't blame you. If you do, but don't know him, I suggest you cancel your subsciption, you're wasting your money, and since the US economy may be going into recession, wait, that's totally unrelated.

Dr. House, or the show title, House M.D., it is full-fledged, self-glorifying INTP, like me, suffering from Rubik's Complex (the need to solve the puzzle), a term I think was popularised by the show. But wait, you ask, what in the world is INTP? We'll chat about Dr. House later then, but for now, it would suffice if I told you he's not the person you want to be running your department, unless it's Diagnostic Medicine.

Misplaced PS: "Everyone lies" is one of his favourite lines

INTP is one of the 16 MBTI (Myers-Briggs Typology Index) personality types. There are 4 dichotomies, yielding a 4 letter combination, like INTP. The 4 dichotomies are

Introvert,I /Extravert,E
iNtuitive,N/Sensing, S
Thinking,T/Feeling, F

Determining your type is actually a very simple process. Choose the side of the dichotomy that describes you best, and write out your final combination. Once you are done, type the combination into Google and any one of the many sites will give you some information about your personality. It's shown by experiment and by my own observation that it is rather accurate, so if you're bored, like me, and want to learn something about yourself, try it out.

A simple description of the dichotomies can be found here, and also here.

Once you're done, use this URL, http://www.geocities.com/lifexplore/xxxx.htm, replacing the xxxx with your personality combination. Easy enough?

Now where did I put that PS?