103 Retake

I did a Google Image Search for the DSTA code, and guess what? I found another version of the code, same key, but different message. I will place it here, in case it can assist you in cracking the first message. I've given away quite a number of hints already, so no more excuses...
The second DSTA code: The Greater Mind beckons once again...

And while you're at it and need a break, or if you've finished the two codes so quickly that you're bored again, try these puzzles from pages of the Mensa book I'm doing.

Five rather interesting puzzles, for your solving pleasure.

That's it for now, while I go find something else to work on... If you want answers, just find some way to reach me, it's not that hard... comment, MSN, Facebook, you know the drill. But I might only give you more hints, so don't get upset