106 Reality Redefined

Photography has a number of uses, mostly we use it to document, to freeze a moment in time so that we remember that moment in the future. It's a form of memory, it's a form of knowledge, like a book, or a recording.

It's also a form of sharing, we use it to tell others what we've done or seen, where we've been, how we got there and who we have met. Photography is also a letter, a journal and a diary. It's a testimony to our experience.

Last, but definitely not the least, photography is used to inspire, to awe, and to stimulate. It is meant to tickle the senses and frolic with the mind. It shows us a dimension of life that some have taken for granted or missed completely. It is a key, an opener of unlocked doors. Therefore, above all, we must never forget that photography is an ART.

This is a form of photography that I created about 1.5 years ago, but I lost the photos that I had first taken. It is mysterious and curious, but at the same time, it looks like we've seen it somewhere before. The swirl of colours will captivate you, along with how it ends with darkness at the corners. Here they are, a series of photos I call "Through The Looking Glass"...

If you're wondering how these photos were taken, think "Youtube"... or the London Underground, if that's easier.