107 Revenge

"I have to make this fast, since I'm in a bit of trouble here. If there is a form of online hiding, or cubbyhole or safehouse, I'm desperately looking for one now. So, this should be the last post before I go on an online hiatus. Please pray that I return safely...

PS: On the top some .blogspot.com pages, there are two links, one marked next blog (which takes you to a random blog, I think) and there is a flag blog link, too. Don't click the latter no matter how much you hate and despise the "Next Blog". Bye..."

This post was later followed by an unexpected shut down of this blog for over 24 hours, and it was replaced with this post:

This blog has been shut down courtesy of Vengeance is Mine Inc. For more information, please visit vengeanceismineinc.blogspot.com

The original author of this blog has been named a target by a rival blog author, and he is currently awaiting action by us, on behalf of our client, as deemed fit by him.

Punishing offensive blog authors is part of the services we provide to our customers. If you wish to be our customer, please visit the URL above. We look forward to your patronage. Our website is not updated due to safety concerns, but, we assure you that we are still in operation. Thank you.

I guess you all know what's going on. If you don't, check your calendar.