071 Degrees of Uncertainty

What I want to do in university (for now)...

(in order of descending preference)

1. NUS Double Degree in Material Sciences and Physics
2. (insert a relevant Double Degree offered by NTU)
3. NUS BSc in Physics with specialisation in Physics in Technology
4. NUS BSc in Physics with specialisation in Astrophysics
4. NTU BSC in Physics with specialisation in Nanotechnology
6. NUS B Eng in Engineering Sciences
7. BSc in Chemistry (NUS or NTU)
8. Any other overseas University for BSc in Theoretical Physics

(Note: The two (4.)s are intentional, their positions are interchangable)

Note to self: Consider doing Engineering Courses in University (if yes...
(Locally) place under number 7 on list;
(Overseas) place at the very bottom)

List of Scholarships to apply for... (also in descending order of preference)
1. ASEAN Scholarship for NUS and/or NTU
2. Universities' internal scholarship (if eligible)
3. Keppel Group Scholarship
4. Any other local scholarship that accepts foreigners
5. PM (not prime minister) scholarship (don't ask what this is doing here...)
6. Consider applying for PR... (last resort, please don't ask... please, please, please...)

PS: Try to apply for good UK universities as back-up plan...
PPS: Try top-notch US Universities too, if A-Level results are good enough...


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