066 The Optimists' Prayer

Dear God, give me…

Draught, so that when rain comes, it would be a blessing
Rainstorms, so that I will know when to look for rainbows
Failure, so that I know success does not come easily
Pain and Sickness, so that good health will not go unnoticed
Betrayals, so that I know where my true friends lie
Trials, so that I know effort, where it matters, is important
Tribulations, so that life will not pass uneventfully
Vice, so that I am tempted to do otherwise
Temptations, so that I will learn to resist all things bad
Disappointment, so that I will have the strength to do better
Jealousy, so that I will understand that I am not the best in this world
Vanity, so that I will constantly strive to improve myself
Anger, so that I know that people and the world are not perfect
Sins, so that I will realize that others do not commit them as much as I do
Pride, so that I will know the limits of the heights I can reach
Challenges, so that I know how hard I can fall
Boredom, so that I will know that excitement is not a common commodity
Death, so that I will learn how to live life
Stupidity, so that the price of Wisdom will be better appreciated
Despair, for without it, we won’t search for hope and light
Selfishness, so that I will know the things I hold close to my heart
Tiredness, so that I will never wear myself out too much
Laziness, so that I will realize the importance of Time in life
Fear, for without it, we will never learn the reason we must be brave
Danger, for without it, I will never know that life is priceless
Complacency, so that one day, I will know the perils of dust under the rug
Sadness, so that I will know there are good times and also bad times
and lastly,
Pessimism, so that any evil that befall me will not be simply shrugged away.