067 One Liners

I have been... preoccupied lately, trying to understand and search for Higgs Bosons and neutrinos. They are rare and not easy to find, even in particle accelerators. So, while I take a break from looking, let me entertain you with a poem, the last poem in the North Coast Poem Series, the Homeward Compassion. And before I leave you with the poem, I would like to say that Harry Potter was an OK book, but I think the loose ends were tied up a little to quickly. Oh well...

The Homeward Compassion
Punggol Beach – Part 2

A long walk home awaits,
A dusty, sandy path lies before me,
Another route, another story,
Of unbearable heat and insecure feelings,
Where would I go from here?

A couple leaves, a white car passes,
The dogs come out from the bushes,
They bark, they growl, a streak of panic,
Following behind me, a worrying thought,
Then, the car stops, and a ride awaits me.

I quickly comply, gratefully, the beasts retreat,
Another dog in the car, can I ask for more?
It looks at me, I took a step back,
Wondering when all the strange adventures will end?

I get up; the dog was unsettled, quickly tamed,
I sat back, few words exchanged, to Punggol Central,
A pair of glassy eyes stare, I do not object,
As the destination approaches and I alight,
A warm feeling of compassion overwhelms me,
As the dog watches me leave the car,
It’s a farewell, the finale,
To the homeward compassion, and
The random act of kindness,
Surely not easily forgotten.