(07 X 11) Extremes

I have to admit, there are some things in life that have been taken to the extreme and there are many signs you have been overdoing something. I know I've said something on moderation, but "bah, humbug!".... Here's a list of signs you've been overdoing something...

You know you've been...

- watching too much television when...
1. you seem to be familiar with every advertisement that is shown on TV
2. you memorised the TV guide without even picking up the newspaper
3. you actually watch repeated telecasts
4. you recite fast food delivery telephone numbers together with the jingle in the ad
5. your sofa has a (place your name here)-shaped depression on the seat.

- sleeping too much when...

1. the snooze button on your alarm clock is worn out
2. you seem to lose track of the time on a daily basis
3. suddenly, many things had happened that you don't know about
4. your "40 winks" is actually 100000 winks.
5. people start wondering whether you are sick

- working/studying too hard when...

1. you suddenly realise that you skipped your lunch/dinner half a day later
2. you start to feel like a vampire when you step out of your room
3. the only think you talk about is that last question/problem you can't figure out
4. you think sleeping is a waste of time
5. coffee, not rice, is part of the staple diet.

- lazing around too long when...

1. you actually prepare for your next meal 5 hours in advance
2. you argue that doing nothing is actually doing something
3. anyone actually doing something is actually a nuisance
4. you begin to believe that you can make a living out of where you are now
5. you fear anyone who acts like they are making you do something