076 Lost and Found

Finally, here is that famously missing "Lost and Found", the poignant first poem I had written in Singapore, a personal masterpiece. I hope this poem will inspire many in their journeys into the unknown, this poem is about a parting of ways at Toa Payoh, which is quite clear in the poem as you read it. Oh, and did I tell you, it is a true event, and I did cry while writing this poem and so did many other people, so read it, and see whether it can relate to you too..

What's Lost and Never Found at Toa Payoh Central

Two people were standing , looked aimlessly,
At the underpass, people milling past them,
Ignoring the two people, and their thoughts,
Or what may have been said between their hearts,

Who would have cared about their emotions,
Or their reason for standing so solemnly?
But I knew the scripts of their melancholy,
For it was mother and son, about to part,
And break the bond not only in their hands,
But also in their hearts mind and soul there,
She was leaving him, he knew painfully,
In a few hours' time, to the home he knew,
Almost to well, but just so far away.

He puts on a brave face, saying it's fine,
Just leave me now for I am wise enough,
To face the daunting world outside today,
But in his heart, he screamed out so loudly,
Just like a child torn from his true mother.

They spoke, they talked softly, in hushed whispers,
About the future, their lives without each other,
Tears welled in each other's eyes, quickly wiped,
They knew each of them would lose something there,
Amongst the current of the commuters,
And it should never be found there again,
Unless they found each other once more.