(08 X 09) Pebbles... and Publicity

Pebbles, which is what I call my new Zen Stone Plus (which is an MP3 player), has been a good companion to me in the past few days, accompanying me through lectures. It is amazing how I've learnt to train one ear on the lecturer and the other in an MP3 player, and still come out of lecture more knowledgable than people who actually fall asleep or yak incessantly throughout. Or maybe it is just that I have a higher (bored -> fall asleep) threshold. Of course, I also leave lectures much happier now. Also, today, the topic of PW had to spring up again, know we know why SA did so bad, although the review was as helpful as the negative remarks on the evaluation sheet after every draft (which is, by the way, as helpful as giving an oxygen tank to a drowning fish).

In other local news, (pre-disclaimer: I don't usually boast about what I have done, but it's neccesary for the upcoming issue), by being the top student with 80 points again, I had been called during assembly, and after the usual fanfare of standing up for 10 seconds and listenng to the applause, well... nothing much happened immediately after that. Now what was shocking was what happened 10 minutes after that. It was the almost the end of the talk, and our very own "High Inquisitor" (HI) had to say this... "under things that you should do is like... talk to me". You don't want to know how I reacted after that, but I think it would suffice to say it was like swallowing half a bitter gourd, or a larger portion of vinegar or both. Well, I would greatly appreciate it if someone (even a stranger) comes up to me for help, but announcing that half the college should come to me for help is a little too much, I mean, now everyone would be looking at me and thinking, "the HI wants me to talk to him and what if I don't? Will he get upset?". And the fact that now some people close to me take that with a bottle of salt, and think that it has become their duty to promote me like a tuition teacher. Hmm... it might not be that bad after all, but instant rise to "fame" does make me a little squirmy. Of course, like all other intended or "unintended" publicity stunts, it should die off as the Prelims take its course.

And in across the Straits news, there is this video by this Malaysian guy who remixed the national anthem and titled it "Negarakuku". Type this on Youtube and see what pops up, I'm not posting this video here for the sake of protecting this blog from being virulently over-political, and this is also not the type of publicity I'm looking for... Closing question: Fact or opinion: "There is definitely a problem with Malaysian policy of affirmative action to the Bumiputeras".. You decide...