073 Opposites Attract

I noticed, the title of this 2003 song by Jay Chou, has the exact opposite words to "Rainy Evenings", I suppose it is true that people can see beauty in totally different things. Well, my Chinese is not that good so I still need translations to appreciate the lyrics, thank god, there are people out there who can translate the words.

The small yellow flower from the story
Was wandering since he day she was born
Swinging on a swing in her childhood
Swinging her memories all the way until now.
I think of petals trying to fall
That day I skipped school for you;
That day the flower fell;
The space of the classroom;
Why can’t I see it?
That rainy day that disappeared
How I want to be rained upon again
Never thought that I still kept my lost courage
How I want to ask again:
Will you wait or will you go away?
That day that the wind blew I tried to hold your hand
But unfortunetly, the rain kept on
Falling until I couldn’t see you
How much longer until I can be beside you again?
Waiting for the day to turn clear, maybe I’ll be a little better then
Long ago, a person loved you for so long
But unfortunetly, the wind kept on
Blowing, widening the gap so much further
So difficult, (I have) another day to love again
But it seems that, at the end of the tale you still said, “Goodbye”

Footnote: Chinese is in fact a more beautiful but sophisticated language than English, so its poems and lyrics tend to be more symbolic, and translations will never do it justice. Perhaps, one day I will learn Chinese... one day