203 Here I go (again)

1 Day
24 Hours
1440 Minutes

1 Final Moment

Finally, home... for 24 hours, rather reminiscent of Ryan's return home after the Redang trip.
Perhaps I brought this upon myself due to my rare over-enthusiasm about returning to Singapore, but starting the first day now, isn't like starting the first day of primary school. No crying children and new faces, and no parents looking through the window, wondering when their child will start crying, or notice they are missing.
There is much to do, a very little time left at home, last-minute packing etc. Perhaps, me enduring 14 hours of train rides the last time helped, now I know what I have to bring and what to expect, which separates it from, say, McNair, when we really had no idea that there were 5 (6, initially, thank god there were MIAs) people in a room, or that there was a swimming pool, easily mistaken for a fish pond ( I will confess that I, too, initially thought it was a fish pond... really). But, beyond that, it's just another veil. One day, one room, that's how life goes.

A rather old picture of 202 I found in a folder somewhere, just don't ask me why the date is upside-down
Yup, one day, one room, just yesterday I was in a totally different room, one with a dog, which hates it when I move the chair for the computer, thus effectively blocking me from using the Internet. And I found myself later that day sitting two steps above it in the stairwell, because I felt that it was lonely, and needed someone to accompany it. It seemed rather happy to find me sitting next to it, and let me pat its head, while wagging its tail. Or maybe it's just because I was eating an apple while sitting there. (I was told it's a cross between a Spitz and a Shih Tzu, so I coined the name Spitz Tzu for it, though it seems like it the Shih Tzu characteristics were lost in the genetic battle.)

A Spitz Tzu named Nike: One very, very paranoid dog. Barks at every suspicious looking object, including those big black bags you're be repeatedly warned to look out for in MRTs.
In the end, I was given/paid a S$ 100 (yes, S$ 100, not RM, the epitome of practicality), for enduring the dog/repeatedly telling my cousin to study/teaching Chem, Physics and Maths/slacking around in the mornings/correcting "thank you for your patients " to "...patience" and for being the first in the generation to go to university. Between all that, there were plots to blow up a red spray paint can and "colour" the innocent children in the nearby playground, but I didn't stay for its execution. However, other pyromanic endeavours were successful, like using perfume as a liquid fuse. And, there was a lot of "Bones", which turned to be a great way to blackmail my cousin to not release the dog on me. As a result, I got out of there pretty much in one piece. OK, that was the last week, more or less.
PS: I need to go figure out how to use the laser printer. Yeap, finally printing stuff is now so, so much easier.
PPS: Got the printer for RM 385, not a bad price.