204 Silence and Sounds

It usually takes some time for this to happen. After all the hustle and bustle of moving into a new environment, saying hello and exchanging greetings and information, there this total silence overcoming the sounds we hear.
The sudden silence and solitude when you're surrounded by new walls and new people is unsettling, and then you realise that they are going to be around you for quite some time. The unfamiliarity it emits is strange. It's not that we fear the change, we'll always try to embrace it, but the change reciprocate in a way that we can't comprehend. It's like they're trying to introduce themselves to you, but we just don't know how to accept it. There's a certain sublimity to new experiences, and it has the power to make you wonder what you've gotten yourself into. There's confusion, which is then followed by a period of catharsis (it's a difficult word, so I'll define it for you: it's a purging (washing away) of emotions), when everything else going on around you doesn't seem to matter anymore. It's just you and the suddenness of the transition. You lose yourself for a while, but when the unfamiliarity evaporates, it's replaced by an insignificance, or routineness of life, just like the feeling you have towards your own house, when you're at home after living there for the most part of your life. There's nothing new to learn anymore, and we live as such until the next significant change hits us in the face, and we go through it all over again.
But sometimes, sometimes, we look back and wonder at what happened the last time we were in a new place, and we are puzzled, if not surprised, by the feelings we had back then, and we realise we are experiencing them all over again.