218 Familiarity

You know you're back (home) in Malaysia when:

  • Landslides (and floods, but that's just too commonplace) occur whenever the monsoon season arrives, or when it rains for a few successive days in the Klang Valley
  • Politicking is the daily staple of the news, and even if it's not on the front page it's in there somewhere after the headlines
  • The constant reporting of some bus accident or other, followed by a few days of people urging that something be done, and then total silence.
  • The very erratic water supply, and the occasional blackout, put in for good measure to enhance the experience.
  • The slightly slower internet speed, but then again, shouldn't compare to Singapore, right?
  • The lack of Christmas atmosphere in town, but that's OK, my neighbour's making up for it.
  • The presence of motorcycles and wandering cows that act like they own the road, making a total nuisance of themselves. Cows, though, are a bit more amusing to encounter.
  • Signboards are placed in the most ridiculous positions, like just after a bend, or behind trees. I am yet to figure out how to get to Jalan Tebrau from the new checkpoint, thanks to that particular typical lack of common sense.