220 IKEA

For each of the following names, decide whether it's from IKEA or LOTR (Lord of the Rings):
(... it actually rhymes!)

  1. Faramir
  2. Freden
  3. Grundtal
  4. Boromir
  5. Mogler
  6. Galdor
  7. Freda
  8. Agerum
  9. Babord
  10. Frodo
  11. Grima
  12. Akurum
  13. Brunkrissla
  14. Sultan Hogbo
Mmm... this is making me think of Swedish meatballs, yum, yum. Anyway, LOTR fans will identify the character names easily and the same goes for IKEA fa... wait is there such a thing?
Edit: Yup, IKEA doesn't sell fans, I wonder why...