224b Hmm...

I wonder what's at the bottom of this rabbitho... oh look, a pretty butterfly!
As I was saying, there's this little rabbithole I found the butterfly has nice shimmering and colourful wings. And then, I looked down the rather curious rabbitholeI followed the butterfly to a rose bush, where it stayed very still. I tried to see where the rabbithole led, but it was very dark and deep, to catch the butterfly with my hands but it flew away. And so, I looked deeper into the rabbithole, and I slipped and fell in, I continued chasing the butterfly until I reached a large river. But, I fell deeper and deeper, but became curiouser and curiouser as to where the rabbithole led the butterfly continued flying, and it flew across the river. At the end, I ended in this place, a new place I have never seen before I returned home without that pretty little butterfly...
PS: ... but, did YOU catch your rabbi... I mean, butterfly?