054 First Things Last...

Ah, I'm going to sleep soon, but before I go offline, there is just one more thing I need to post. This is the first poem of a new old series, the North Coast Poem Series, about a series of adventures to Singapore not-so-developed North Coast, actually it is, but still, well, I still need to preserve the novelty of some things in life. This one was on Valentine's Day, I have no partner to go out with, so I decided to enjoy myself. Here it is, my poem at Pasir Ris Beach.

The Twilight Love
February 14 – Pasir Ris

The sun was setting, silently,
Ignoring people who gazed at it,
The ocean and the coconut trees,
Waved at the passers-by who tread,
On the golden strip that marked the end,
As it turned blue and black,
From the twilight rays and long shadows,
Of the windy leaves and branches,
Which just stood along the darkened beach,
Guarding the visitors who had come,
To enjoy the red sunset, and those that were blue,
Red and white dot the horizon,
Reminding them that it was a lovers’ day,
As couples embrace the atmosphere,
The birds simply looked on, flew away,
It was time to get back, for it was dark.
The boats, like bubbles, simply bobbed,
For without their partners, they were like me,
Alone, enjoying the view, with nothing in mind.