061 In Con-template-tion

Contemplate comes from Latin, contemplari, meaning observe carefully.
Template is simply a corruption of templet, the 17th century word for plate
Rain originates from reyn/ren, a Germanic word of the same meaning

In the past few days, excluding the days I had gone to Fraser's Hill, which was the last weekend, I had been working on a new template for my blog, or as I have nicely put in the title, con-template-ting over it. Well, after poring through about a hundred sample templates, online I picked this one, because:
  1. The colour scheme is really striking, I took me wholly the moment I saw it
  2. The rain had always fascinated me
  3. I wanted a template that was more than just shapes and colours
  4. Well, to put simply, everything else was too passe, really...
So, enjoy the new template, design, layout and title. One thing I found that I like about custom-made blogs, is that you feel a sense of belonging for it. You know, you finally have a blog that you can call your own. But it wasn't easy, for a person who is only familiar with editing HTMLs on Wikipedia (which is very simplified), editing the HTML of a webpage was another ballpark altogether, but through trial and error, some perserverence and a lot of patience, I finally managed to add a few extra things into the webpage design, things which I would have never done if I had stuck to the template that Blogger provided. It's not that they're ugly, but well, I crave for something new every once in a while. So, I'm in the dying week of the holidays, finally started studying proper, it's amazing how I could still find time to update the blog template and the blog entries. The Block Test 2 will span the next two weeks, which means that other than studying, I would just be really bored, especially on days without exams, but perhaps I will refrain from blogging for my own sake, or maybe not...

So, this is all for now, maybe I'll be lazy in the next few days and put up some interesting wikipedia articles instead of writing out an entry myself. Yeah...that should work... I already have a few in mind...