060 The Love Doctors

Ever wonder what a doctor will tell you when you consult them about love... The following list is a compilation of my thoughts on some doctors' opinions on love, no second opinion required, I swear. So read on, don't worry, no consultation fee charged...

What do doctors have to say about love?

General Practitioner: Anything goes… as long as it pays off
Surgeon: Prefer to dissect the concept and see how it operates
Neurologist: It’s all in the brain… a mind game
Psychologist: It’s something worth talking over on the sofa… or the bed
Psychiatrist: It a sort of neurosis…hysteria… obsession…exhilaration
Psychoanalyst: It’s some sort of envy or complex, you know, like the Oedipus complex
ENT: Well, it’s something nice to hear, pleasing to the senses, but hard to swallow…
Optician: I believe in love at first sight…
Optometrist: Oh, love is blind, because I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
Dermalogist: It’s hard to say, because beauty is only skin deep…
Anaesthetist: Love is a problem that can be solved if we sleep on it…
Chiropractor: Love is a link that is easily strained, but can be shaken off easily
Acupuncturist: The first thing you must do is take a jab at it
Cardiologist: The most important thing is the heart… yes, the heart.
Dietician: There is always one person in a relationship who throws the weight around
Nutritionist: It is very important for a balanced diet and lifestyle
Gastroenterologist: The best way is to learn how to stomach it.
Gynaecologist: The woman must learn how to push the relationship all the way to the end
Urologist: One must learn when is the right time to hold back and when to let go
Paediatrician: It’s never too young to understand what it is
Osteologist: Sometimes love breaks apart, but it can always be mended back.
Podiatrist: All you have to do is stand it.
Orthopaedic: Flexibility in love is essential to ensure that one supports the other well
Therapist: The secret to healthy and strong limb… I mean, love, is to keep on moving it.
Microbiologist: It is the fine details that matter the most in love
Pathologist: It is important that a love relationship is free of any foreign bodies
Veterinarian: Sometimes, we need to put someone to sleep to be happy…
Pharmacist: You must prescribe the right things to your partner to keep them happy
Dentist: You and your partner must learn to open up and wide to each other.
Mortician: Hmm… That’s a hard one. My partners never tell me anything…
X-ray operator: Look inside yourself and you’ll find the key.
T Chinese Medicine Doctor: Balance between the Yin and Yang is very important in love
Homoeopathist: A little bit of love can go along way in treating lovesickness
Paramedic: In love, you must first rush into it, and then, take it carefully from there
Proctologist: The best way is sometimes to take someone from behind
Craniologist: You must figure out what is in the partner’s head
Immunologist: Love is all about self-defence, knowing who not to let into your life
Geneticist: Love… It comes down to how much you like the other person’s traits
Chemotherapist: It’s so bad, it makes all your hair fall out
First-aider: Love requires immediate attention
Pulmonologist: Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for it
Intern: They just prefer to sit back and watch others work