189 Receipt

There are, generally, two types of letters that arrive in the mail:

  1. Letters that you weren't expecting
  2. Letters you were expecting

...and these two categories can be divided into another two subcategories:

  1. Good/important news
  2. Bad news/unimportant stuff

Letters type 1.1 would be, most notably my ASEAN Undergraduate scholarship letter, and maybe my NTU admissions letter.

Letters type 1.2 and type 2.2 are mostly bills, traffic summons, and little pamplets advertising a sale at the shop around the corner, which I have yet to receive this year, (yeah, $22 a month letters are type 2.2, which most of us happily ignore until Mrs. New comes chasing).

But, the most painful letters are type 2.1, because you wait for them hoping that they don't get lost in the mail, and trust the Malaysian postal service to make it even more exciting. Oh, what is wrong with these post office workers, they can't figure out that 1912, Seremban, Jln. X, Tmn. Y, Negeri Sembilan is a printing error, and are unable to send it anyway. And, now there's the SOLAR letter, yippee... I have to check the mailbox everyday, hoping it didn't MIA.