190 Redang Plans Part 4

This is the final “Re-“ post, because it happens to be the 100th post of this nature consecutively. There won’t be a restriction of post titles beginning with “Re-“ after this unless I decide to impose another game in naming posts. But I digress…

Any 100th post of any kind must be of some very special significance, and I have booked this post to be of the (hopefully) final post as regards the Redang transportation plans. So, here it goes:

Part 1 – Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Terengganu

We will be departing from Kuala Lumpur at 2230 hours (10.30 pm) on the 7th of July 2008, from Hentian Putra. I have bought 8 tickets on Sunday, for a Transnasional bus, departing from the place and time as stated above. The seating arrangements are as follows: 4 pairs of seats, top deck, in the middle. Here are the details again:

Where: Hentian Putra, (Opposite PWTC), at the intersection of Jln. Putra and Jln. Tun Ismail. It is within walking distance of the PWTC LRT station, and the Mall. Meet me in the foyer near the ticket counters. Please make sure you know where it is BEFORE the 7th of July.

When: The bus departs at 2230 hours, 7th of July. Please be there by 2200 hours, and I’m not quoting this with Punctuality Correction. The estimated time of arrival in Kuala Terengganu is 0530 hours, 8th of July.

How: Transnasional bus. The details of the bus are not yet known, since will only be informed once I present the tickets at the counter on the day itself… and the tickets are RM 29.60 each, but I’d be more than happy to take RM 30.

Why: Sam, I know you don’t like Transnasional, but Ryan convinced me otherwise.

Part 2 – Kuala Terengganu – Redang

We will be getting to Redang, by boat from the Syahbandar Jetty, in central Kuala Terengganu. I have directions to that place; which is within walking distance from the bus terminal in KT. I’ll have to confirm its location once we reach KT, and after that we can go have breakfast, since Ryan can already smell the roti canai. The boat leaves at 0830 hours, so we have a 3-hour window in KT… and I have to buy the KT – Chukai tickets too, for the 11th of July, to Ryan’s place.

Part 3 – Redang – Chukai

No specific details regarding this part of the journey, since it’s dependent on the availability of ferries back to the mainland (1100 and 1530 hours) and the bus schedule. Think delays and Murphy’s Law…

Part 4 – Chukai – Kuala Lumpur

Ryan’s mum is buying these tickets, so it’s the least of my worries, and don’t worry, Chris, we’ll get to Kuala Lumpur on time.