185 Reduce each damaged pen...

On a very strange whim, I decided to do the crossword puzzle in The Star Variety section, and after hours battling clues like the one in the title, I completed the quick puzzle, and halfway through the cryptic one. And I just about given up, because it's taking my life away, so to speak. So, yeah, now I'm so tired out from racking my brain, that I can't blog anymore. That Cryptic Crossword, grr... it's a killer to the uninitiated, but I'm proud I could do at least half of it. Here's how the clues work:
"Reduce each damaged pen"
Indicator word - Damaged (anagram)
Definition clue - Reduce
Logic - Anagramming "Each" + Pen = Cheapen = Reduce
I took me a while to solve that, and then there was the "c" clue from another word.
But, if you find this nerve-racking, please, never start on a crossword puzzle.

PS: I have never done The Star Crossword ever in my life before, until today... only the Sudokus, and even those are a little challenging.