198 Stand up and be counted

So, Malaysians, ever wonder whose town/city is larger the other? Find the need to know whether your town is livelier than your friend(s)? I came across this list of Malaysian cities and towns listed according to previous censuses and population estimations. The cities in bold are generally metropolitants, i.e. combining several townships, sururban areas, and any kampungs that happen to fall within the municipality.

This list is only the top 30 largest cities/towns in terms of population in 2008. Unfortunately, but not overly surprisingly, Kangar remains the only state capital which is not in the top 30.

It's rather interesting in some ways, being a little strange that JB - Singapore are grouped together as a single conurbation. But then again, being separated by a thin strip of sea, gives you the bragging rights to be considered the same urban area, like other cross-border cities, such as (prior to 1997) Hong Kong - Shenzen.

The Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan area covers the bulk of the Klang Valley, as far north as Rawang, Klang to the west, Puchong & Kajang- Sg. Chua to south and Gombak - Ampang to the east. If you Petaling Jaya / Subang Jaya / Cheras people are upset about your towns being counted as KL, don't fret, you can slog it out amongst yourselves because there's another list just for you at the end of this post. Penangites, the same applies for you, since the Seberang Prai towns and places like Air Itam and Jelutong are included under Penang.

Ryan, you must be happy, since Chukai stands at number 29, and it is nice to see that most Sarawakian and Sabahan towns stand proudly in the top 30 with 6-digit populations, with the Crown Jewels of Borneo, the Cat City (the city so big such that two mayors are required) and KK in 5th and 6th respectively. Ah, yes, Seremban, just below Sandakan, I'm half-inclined to think that the included the orang-utans in Sepilok to bring the numbers up, but I digress.

Kangar is at number 62 with a population of 64 807. Go figures.