191 There's nothing worse...

... than getting woken up at 5 am by a power cut. Sometimes, it's the Tenaga Nasional's fault, but that usually happens at other less, ungodly times of the day. When that happens, some people get the pleasure of calling up TNB to vent their irritation at... not me, for one. But there are other times when some other less common, but significantly less mundane causes for an electrical power outage, like when a squirrel commits suicide by gnawing on power lines, or what happened this morning...

What happened? Some idiot of a Malaysian driver swerved after going round a corner (with a traffic light), and flipped onto its side... and, while doing that, he took the liberty to crash the car into power cable pole, snapping an electrical cable, and cutting off power to the entire block of houses. While anybody rudely awakened by the power outage and/or the din he created would have wished him dead, or at the very least severely injured, he survived the crash with some bruises only. So, the TNB foreman and workers had to wake up earlier than usual on that fine morning, along with about 100 other people, simply because one guy had to crash into a power line pole, instead of the lamp posts that other drunk/crazy/reckless drivers have crashed into. (you won't believe the number of fallen lamp posts I had around my area)
In other local news, you won't imagine the erm... liquids... that come out of Malaysian taps. It's frowned upon by most cultures to leave a tub of strange-coloured liquid in the bathroom, so I had to collect a sample in a bottle before the "liquid" was tossed into the drain.

Dibawakan khas kepada anda oleh Jabatan Bekalan Air berdekatan tempat anda. 20 m^3 pertama dibekalkan percuma*

Just so that you know, I nearly bathed with that "liquid", but it was a little bit of playfulness, i.e. watching air bubbles escape from a shower head placed underwater that saved me from having immersed myself in that. I let the sample stand for a couple of days and I just took this photo of the bottle containing the sample

Significantly less Chinese Tea-ish than when it was first extracted, since some of the stuff is now at the bottom

If I could get my hands on some alum, I really want to see how much stuff is actually in that water. I heard that dried papaya sap works too, but I'll need to find a papaya tree and someone willing to let me treat their papaya tree like a rubber tree. It's scary thinking that sometimes we could be drinking that when we eat at hawker stalls. (Don't worry, the water I drink at home is filtered, and boiled, and filtered again).

*Hanya dijanjikan di negeri Selangor sahaja, tertakluk kepada pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat

Caption translation: Specially brought to you by a Water Supply Department close to you. The first 20 m^3 is free*

*Only promised in the State of Selangor, depending on the administration of the Pakatan Rakyat.