034 Curious Incident of the Scholar in the Web World...

The only thing curious about the blog is the title, and perhaps my two month hiatus, or even the fact that the rain is still falling, and the some girl stopped hiccupping after 5 weeks (Time) and the hottest chilli in the world is 10-20 times hotter than cili padi.

So, in between trying to find x in my maths homework, wait.... just found it...

And making sure that the answers in my H3 Physics homework are not moving faster than the speed of light and are in fact relativistic i.e. has something to do with my aunts, uncles and cousins, I wrote a few poems to amuse myself because the only thing amusing about chemistry is the Arhhenius equation, which is not interesting at all. They are grouped in series, and the first series for this year is the aptly named New Year Series, not Chinese New Year, that one will come later. Here's the first one...

(My) Little Spot of Heaven

A plain sheet, crumpled;
The blue linen, wrinkled;
The mattress, slept on;
A small place, dreams were born.

A narrow space, a quiet place,
No silk cloth, no pretty lace,
To me, it’s a place up high,
For me, there’s no reason to sigh.

At a glance, nothing really impresses,
Another glance, nothing really depresses,
Here, a calm, cool feeling does fall,
Here, a soothing feeling when angels call.

A small paradise, a little spot of heaven,
A humble abode, a lovely spot for haven,
As I tuck myself in every night,
The little spot goes out of sight.

The poem refers to my bed, a not particularly large place, in the room, which suffers from the effects of the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the universe tends to a state of disorderliness. They call it a mess, I call it entropy, heh! This should end this entry, which is rather scientific because there is an exam in three weeks time.