041 Warm, Warm Wednesday

Yes, it is in fact extremely hot now, and I'm wondering how the J1's having their second orientation can actually take the heat, I mean, all that running around is sure to make you sweaty and hot, combined with all that cheering and playing games.

I'm in a short break now, between lesson time and CCA time. I was just told there's a meeting at 2.30 p.m. at 2.08 p.m., which is an amazingly short notice for something THAT important, I'm not complaining, i still rather stay indoors than to go back in this weather. So, now I'm going to attempt to write a moderately long entry in the 15 minutes I have.

I had PE today and we did the 2.4 km trial run, which is a wonderfully lond distance in less than 12.5 minutes, which is managable, but at about the fourth lap you will like you are going to kill yourself doing this. Of course, I just took my glasses of and ran with only the red clay visible in front of me, so as to avoid demoralising myself and having to adjust the spectacles which will slip off the sweaty bridge of my nose. 6 gruelling rounds later, which seem to have taken forever, I clocked a time of 12.10 minutes, which made me quite happy, although no one could see it then. Also, we played floorball after convincing ourselves that there is in fact nothing more strenous than what we just gone through or touch rugby for that matter.

10 minutes to go, and let's see what else I can say...

Ah, yes, the SPA. The most entertaining part of the day other than trying to figure out the current, potential difference and resistance of a direct current circuit using Kirchoff's two laws. Oh, let me tell you, there is nothing better that the gratification you experience for a long dead physicist for discovering some laws that, we, the Physics students of the modern era get to apply countless times to get an A for A-levels. Those resistors are still running around somewhere, attaching itself to some neurons in my brain and creating parallel circuits, heh, the things I would give for someone to prove that the fundamental laws of physics are incorrect.

3 minutes left and I have to go now, maybe more about the SPA later, if I have the time...