043 Winds - The Opening of the Homecoming Series.

This will be a short post, because I have a particular erroneous Physics Tutorial Paper to correct by tomorrow, and I have to start studying for Block Test 1 already, so fast, but holidays is approaching and looking forward to those quiet days in the room, and in the canteen messing around with my papers and books, trying to finally sort out all that has been lost in the past few weeks. Heck, those are for later, and so here is the opening poem of the Homecoming Series 2007, the poem series written in the days before, during and after Chinese New Year, and its timeline coincides with the North Coast poem series, but this one's more important, because it would be inappropriate to post this series any more later than March, and the post from today onwards may be significantly shorter because I'm studying unless something interesting crops up between now and Block Test, which is unlikely if I sit in the hostel all day, studying, but then again, anything can happen. So presenting "The Homecoming Winds"...

The Homecoming Winds

Trolley bags roll down the platform,
Smiles, lips and laughter, euphoria,
Of the homecoming crowd,
Carrying hues of scarlet, maroon and orange,
Floating through the thick atmosphere,
Perfume, sweat and recently permed hair,
On weary sweaters and jackets,
Within the dense fog of people,
There is a gateway home,
A source of hope for the tired figures,
A wind blows forward and for me,
The better place lies to the north,
Every shadow, every silhouette follows it,
Holding its guiding hands strongly,
Like mother and child in a silent place,
The port-of-call is home,
All these wonders of the homecoming crowd,
Amazes me still, as I embrace it too.