037 A Whole New Title, and A Whole New Look

Yes, there has finally been some fresh changes in my blog, a new template and a new name. Yes, this is a new start and I have just wrapped up the build up to the BIG Change, with the New Year Poem series. Next on the list of things to look out for is that long delayed end to the Story From the Heart, which sounds more like some cantonese drama after rereading it. Also, more random stuff like interesting news from the newspapers, internet etc., and the few Poem Series I have completed so far this year which are the Homecoming 2007 Series, and the North Coast Poems Series, and not forgetting the Unquestioned Answer Series which is currently in the pipeline. In addition, there will be some new photos if I ever get around to downloading them into the computer from my handphone. That's all for the trailer to the upcoming events in the blog and I hope you will stay tuned. Thank you for your kind attention so far.