035 Scribbles - The second installment of the series

Hello, I'm quite busy here trying the figure out whether the world is a better place if the men didn't rule the countries, or at least most countries. So, I will quickly go through the events of the last 24 hours, nothing overly exciting, just that I was really close to a lightning strike that I could not see anything for a second, it's been raining a lot and the weather is really scary. Also, went for a book trip to kinokuniya today, bought a few books on random stuff, basically anything that looks nice, while this old chinese man was trying to sell some sudoku book called "think outside the block" which is the sudoku term for the 3 x 3 box that should contain all nine digits. It sounded like something that one hears in a pasar malam, quite unorthodox marketing in a bookstore i think. Brought back a silver helium balloon which somehow fitted into a crowded mrt and reached the hostel without bursting. To wrap things up, here's the second part of the New Year series, Potong Pasir - A Scribble, which is a story of what I did on the way back from school one day...

A dark shadow walks past a bench,
A scribbler, scrabbling on a scrap of paper,
A pen in hand, and a mind in a land,
Of forms, functions, figures and facades.

A town of individual images and inspiration,
A quick stroke records them down,
A picture, plant or person coalesce,
Into a child’s world of scribbles and sketches.

A weak wind whips wisps of woks,
A solitary housewife cooks at her nook,
A lonely person walks by her window,
Lending the scent a line or two.

A passer-by picks pieces of Potong Pasir,
A picture constructed pixel by pixel,
A goal, which was to walk and wander,
And place everything into a wonder

The end for now..