038 Some Politically Correct Scribbles

So, I went to the Singapore Parliament today on a guided tour and listened to some debate on the Singaporean Defence which wasn't the most exciting thing to do in the later part of the evening, especially after a long day of school, but it was nevertheless interesting because now I know how MPs look after a large number of people have spoken about something that 99.9 % of Singaporean are not concerned about other than the fact that it's their money that is being spent. To be overly politically correct, the lady who gave the guided tour had more enthusiasm than the entire house of Parliament put together. It was comforting to know, though, that Malaysia is one of the top 5 Asian importers of weapons, at least we know Malaysia is not that harmless, and the NS debate is still ongoing about reducing the stint and making it more interesting, whatever that means. The best part about all that is the gahment is still interesting in attracting more foreign talent (for more info on foreign talent, please read the Misdictionary Series), that includes err..... a lot of people I know, and convincing them to become PR.

While we try to figure out why the intake of PRs is equal to the Singaporean birth rate, let's look at some other more persistent issues like the exciting prospects of the IR (intergrated resort) and the fact that it is the only reason why Singaporeans go to watch Parliament Sessions, also the fact that Genting is competing with its exciting theme park at Genting Highlands. Looking on the bright side, at least Singaporeans won't be motivated to speed on PLUS to Genting Highlands and back, breaking the speed limit at about every kilometre marker along the road and killing somehing in the process, like a tree or some Malaysian cow ("lembu") drivers.

Ah yes, the fate of all those lembu drivers...

We'll leave that to the gahment across the straits to clean these carcasses up, for the safety of all other Malaysian drivers. This ends another attempt at being Politically Correct which I often fail miserably to my delight. Now, stop laughing... if you actually did.