150 Restraints

I'm going to do this again, so please, just bear with me...

2 Universities

31 Days
4 Years

275 Kilometres

1 Dilemma

This elegantly sums up a lot of things I have to complain about. Numbers definitely does a lot more talking than words...
... and I have seriously been watching far too many episodes of Numb3rs. Somebody, please issue a restraining order between my and that TV show, and do make it as creative as this:

Yes, I realise that my laptop has to move with me in a parallel line...

... and lastly, as I'm preparing to pack for my Kinabalu trip, I realise that there is a Mathematical method which can be used to help me pack, known as the Knapsack Problem.

The Wikipedia Illustration of the Knapsack Problem

This is how it works, say, I have a lot of stuff, which I may or may not want to bring. Each object has a particular weight and is assigned a particular value (in terms of usefulness). I want to pack the objects such that my luggage does not exceed a particular weight, but I also want to maximise the total value of the objects I bring. So, using a mathematical equations, I will be able to determine the optimum number and type of objects I should bring. Maths can be so useful sometimes.

But seriously, I'm not going to do it... I'm too lazy to assign values to the things I'm going to bring and weigh each one of them.