175 Restrooms and...

Some signboards were never meant to be explained. For example, look at this one:

I saw this at a stop along the Ranau - Tamparuli Road, in Sabah. A few thoughts come to mind at this moment. Some of mine were

  • There's a frog-infested toilet out there. For safe measure, I decided against using that particular toilet

  • Frogs are a local delicacy in Sabah, like it is in France, and it happens that they thrive near dumping grounds. Note to self: don't eat locally-produced frogs

  • Frogs are kept as pets around here and/or sold to tourists. You'll never know when you'll need a frog when you're in the interior of Sabah. Why tourists like me will want to buy them still escapes me. Especially those found near toilets.

  • Maybe it's like a "Beware of Frogs" sign. So, tread carefully, there may be frogs hopping around back there, and killing them will incur the wrath of the locals. And... it brings a whole new dimension to the phrase "Answering the Call of Nature".

  • They're just selling frogs and/or edible part of frogs near the toilet. But that's just unimaginative, isn't it? Not forgetting to mention, unhygenic, too.

Others are just cute. These two were seen at the Kundasang War Memorial:

First sign : "Steal Flowers, $100.00 fine, there's a TV"
Second Sign : "Don't step on me, or I will die"

Until the next post, bye, and have great days ahead.