168 Reassurances

This is proof that numbers never lie, the statistical analysis method I explained in the earlier post "Results Predictor" worked perfectly when it came to predicting, most importantly, the winner of American Idol, and also the margin of victory. Please don't click this link, unless you know the results already. No, it's not reverse psychology... and once again, no I'm not reverse psyching you about the reverse psychology...
And, yes, I edited the bar graph such that people who don't know the results yet won't be in haste to press ALT + F4, or click the "x" sign at the top of the window, or any other action that will terminate the window my blog is currently located in. Pressing the power button on the CPU and pulling the computer's plug out of the socket are also known to work, but they're not recommended if you have any other programmes running, such as, but not limited to, torrenting, reading some other person's blog or downloading American Idol performances from iTunes, because they may terminate prematurely. But, you knew all of that already, including the fact that a David won.
Lastly, congrats to Sam (who is on a media blackout, by the way, and won't be reading this post until she watches AI), and Ryan for finally getting into NUS...