164 Recent activities

Here's an update of the things that have been going on these past few days:
  • I received an e-mail from USP (pronounced oosp) saying that my application was successful, so here's yet another unknown filled into the University Admisions equation, and another reason to dread the results of the CN Yang Scholarship interview. This is what a friend and I call the Good Student's Dilemma.
  • I got another e-mail from a long lost friend from Alor Star, (yes, not many people know about my Alor Star days), who found me via a second degree friend of mine. And so we exchanged niceties, added each other on Facebook, and all the other this long-lost friends do when they find each other.
  • I was playing Astropop on my new SE k550i during meals, between episodes of American Idol and during boring performances. Why a new phone? My old phone took a dip in washing water, just don't ask me how that happened. On the bright side, now I've got more phone memory...
  • I realised that using a box monitor makes your computer look about 5 years older. The flatscreen monitor had problems, and while it's gone for repairs, I'm using a monitor that makes every page look a little smaller than normal.
  • The best way to clean the porch is to use a high-velocity jet-spray of water. It does the job of cleaning it in half the time, but fails miserably when it comes to the lawn. To prove it, the lawn now smells like compost, from the rotting cut grass.
  • Lastly, I finally got around to making a new header and of course, it's another Kinabalu photo. Stuck to the shades of blue, but my sister doesn't like it, but I guess it will be a while before I change it again.