153 Reopened: MBTI

I've already touched down in Kota Kinabalu, and on my way to the Kinabalu Pine Resort (I think), where I will spend the night, before ascending the mountain the following day, at this point in time.

This is the second of the canned posts, and it is chart showing the MBTI profiles of the people I know. I cannot assure you that it is accurate and/or anyone has changed their personality. This chart is actually quite old, as I constructed it during the McNair days, and it doesn't cover everyone, and I'm sorry about that. So, here it is:

Hmm... Do I really not know any ENTJs?


Anonymous said...

hi zach. happened to be blog hopping and came across your blog. don't know if you'd ever see my comment! anyway i was reading this post and you do know an ENTJ : ME! haha okay nvm lame. anyway hope to be able to catch up with you and the other guys one day again.